Floor and wall tiles export
Your commercial representation agency
We are an exclusive commercial representation agency, focused in commercializing and exporting ceramic tile, mosaics, bath furniture, bathtub, shower tray and other decorative complements. Over 30 years experience in this sector has become us a high qualified team with large market knowledge and a personalized customer service.
Our services
Since its creation, Matex’s strength and its priority has been its full customer devotion, providing them the products that better meet their needs and markets. In this way, we also support our represented factories to find the expected development in their activities and projects, advising them about the trending market products.
What do we offer to our factories?
  • Market study and opening up.
  • Exclusive commercial representation of your companies and products.
  • A large client portfolio consolidated over the years.
  • Fairs attendance, stands and varied events.
  • Trips organization.
  • Continuous customers monitoring.
  • Large commercial deployment, as well direct as with collaborators.
  • Administrative management in the whole commercial process: from the order creation until the customers’ payment.
What do we offer to our customers?
  • Great variety of consolidated and important factories and a products range which will meet your needs.
  • Personalized and constant attention.
  • Regularly visits to the client, which will turn unnecessary their trips.
  • Assistance in fairs and commercial events.
  • Continuous research of customer’s desired products.
  • Administrative orders management as well as loads monitoring.
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